5 Best Locations in Pune to Start a New Rooftop Restaurant

Sipping your favorite mocktail, while enjoying the spectacular view of the city’s skyline is an experience in itself. But that’s possible only when you are hundreds of feet above the ground – precisely, at a rooftop restaurant!

Pune’s restaurant space has evolved significantly over the years. From those conventional lunch homes in the 90s to the recent upscale restaurants that have sprawled throughout the city, Pune’s restaurant journey has been as noteworthy as exciting. If you also are an aspiring restaurateur and intend to start a new restaurant, especially a rooftop one in Pune, reading this blog can help you strategically. That’s because location matters. So, let’s look at five potentially promising locations in Pune to start a new rooftop restaurant.

5 Promising Rooftop Restaurant Locations in and Near Pune

Rooftop Restaurant Near Pune 

A rooftop restaurant, unlike many other restaurant types, is location-sensitive. It is only people with a specific taste for ambiance and those belonging to a particular income group that prefers visiting a rooftop restaurant. Hence, you cannot open a rooftop restaurant anywhere and everywhere. It requires some location-related research to ensure you make an informed and promising choice. The below insights can help a bit.

1. Koregaon Park

Situated in the eastern part of the city, Koregaon Park is one of the most elite locations across Pune, especially to start a rooftop restaurant. The area has skyscrapers in the making that can form a potential choice to begin a rooftop restaurant. Additionally, the presence of affluent class across the vicinity, makes it a fantastic option to start an upscale rooftop restaurant.

2. Pimpri Chinchwad

The IT wave that hit a couple of decades ago has transformed the city forever. Today, Pimpri Chinchwad isn’t just a city populated with people working in the manufacturing sector. It has become a bustling city with people belonging to higher income groups and with a high spending capacity.

Lately, the construction of malls and the entry of many global brands in the city signifies its potential concerning high spenders and their presence in significant numbers. However, is every location in PCMC as promising? No. Precisely, areas such as Chinchwad, Ravet, Hinjewadi (near PCMC), Wakad, etc., form better contenders.

3. Senapati Bapat Road

When it comes to restaurants, everyone knows the potential of Senapati Bapat Road. Large-scale real estate investments in the past 20 years have transformed the area into one of the most premium locations in Pune. Today, Senapati Bapat Road is home to the offices of many global IT companies, brands, and not to forget the International Convention Centre. So, while people from other parts of the city can come to relax at a rooftop restaurant, those working on the street can also choose to spend an evening after a tiring day’s work.

4. MG Road

MG Road is as much a potentially lucrative location as Koregaon Park and Senapati Bapat Road. The place has become a prominent shopping avenue with a target customer base from nearby areas such as Dhole Patil Road, Bund Garden, Fatima Nagar, and Swargate.

However, there isn’t much new construction currently going on, on MG Road. Hence, searching for a building with a space that can be converted for a rooftop restaurant may prove a bit challenging. Nevertheless, as a location, MG Road or Pune Camp, for that matter, are good choices.

5. Viman Nagar

Viman Nagar is another prominent location on the list to start a new rooftop restaurant in Pune. Relatively new, Viman Nagar enjoys a strategic proximity advantage and has the presence of several affluent families in and around the vicinity. The area is a significant residential and business hub, and therefore, opening a rooftop restaurant in Viman Nagar can form a better choice.

Kohinoor World Towers – One of the Best Places to Open a Rooftop Restaurant Near Pune

1200x628 ROOFTOP KWT-02-02 

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) is a prominent business landmark with five business towers, each with a convertible terrace for a rooftop restaurant. The business center is situated between Pimpri and Chinchwad and therefore enjoys a strategic location with rooftop restaurants with target customers across Pimpri, Chinchwad, Chinchwad Station, Nigdi, Yamuna Nagar, Pradhikaran to as far as Ravet and Punawale as well. To know more or to understand KWT’s business potential in detail, call +91-020-6764 1818.

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