Types of Businesses that Sell Well on the High Street

High streets are significant business centers situated in the heart of the city or a prominent vicinity, proximal to its target locations. They’ve been a part of the western world for centuries. However, in India, it is in recent times that the concept began flourishing. Today, cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc., have at least one high street serving their citizens. But what about the high street from a business perspective? Which businesses work well on a high street, and who can consider renting or buying an office space on a high street? Let us discuss four of them through this blog.

4 Businesses that can Flourish on High Street of Pune

  • Retail Business

    Retail Shops 
The high street can work wonders for retail businesses. From the business standpoint, they enhance the store’s visibility and offer a higher footfall. On the other hand, from the consumer’s viewpoint, having retail outlets on high street refers to shopping convenience and enjoying other activities such as dining, etc., at the same location. This is the reason why high-end retailers choose a high street property over a shopping mall.

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Spas/Beauty Salons

Salon and Spa 

A store on a high street can prove beneficial for the spa and beauty salon business as well. From the business owner’s angle, reasons like visibility and accessibility remain the same. However, for the consumer, who may think of shopping, dining, or getting rejuvenated at a beauty salon, a high street location is ideal!


Restaurant in High Street 

A high street is a place where people visit, relax and spend time with friends and family. The presence of restaurants refers to visitors having a space to wine, dine and enjoy time with their loved ones. So, opening a restaurant is one of the most obvious business choices if you plan to buy a business space in a high street location.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that the restaurant must match standards high enough to compete with global brands that may also try to leverage the location-related and strategic benefits of a high street.

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Shared Working Spaces/ Wi-Fi Cafes

Shared Working Spaces 

Opening a shared working space or a Wi-Fi café on a high street may come as a surprise. But if you think a little deeper, you’ll realize its advantages. One of them is location. High streets are situated in central areas or at locations pretty near business centers and the elite vicinities of a city. This comes in as a benefit to companies, freelancers, etc., operating in such centrally-located shared working spaces or Wi-Fi cafes. It helps them save a lot of traveling time.

Additionally, there’s a sense of pride associated with a high street address. And that applies to every business that buys or rents an office on a high street.

Book Your Space at the KWT High Street

KWT High Street 

An upcoming and emerging business landmark, KWT is already catching the eyeballs of business owners who want to open an office in Pune. KWT is a massive commercial center spread across nine acres, featuring five towers, multi-sized office spaces, and a high street to serve the needs of various businesses.

Additionally, companies with an office in KWT are slated for its strategic highway location, between the growing business and residential hubs around Pune. So, be an early mover. Rent or buy commercial office space in Pune and register your presence for the various potential business opportunities in the time to come. For details, call +91 20 6764 1818



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