Astonishing Ways to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Living

Around 74% of people experience stress in their lives due to their lifestyle and end up having a lot of physical and mental health issues. The 18–33 age group experiences the highest levels of stress. This is a lifestyle glitch that requires small day-to-day changes that will make a difference.

The first step comes from your home, and it will help you have a peaceful lifestyle and reduce stress. A home is a place where you can come after a long, tiring day and relax with your family. It is a place where you can be yourself and leave every worry behind. From this blog, you will know how to make your home stress-free living space. By making a few simple changes, you can optimise your home for healthy, stress-free living and make it a better place for you and your family. Residential projects in Dhanori are planned in the direction of making your life easy and stress-free.

Modern Lifestyle & Stress!

We can see people getting overwhelmed because of the pressures at work, colleges, and schools as a part of the modern lifestyle. Let’s understand how we get stressed in the first place:

Constant Online Presence:

Online Presence 

Technology is a wonderful innovation and connects us to people across the world, but it has both an upside and a downside. Constant connectivity on social media platforms distracts you from all the important tasks of the day, leaving you tired all day. Constant looking at the screen also makes you dull and anxious about anything and everything.

Work Pressure:

Working professionals experience maximum stress as they go through a lot of work pressure. With the rise in educational abilities, people have great careers, but this upliftment also brings long working hours and highly stressful life.



The rising population and infrastructure have gotten us to a place where we have to face the adversities of pollution caused by vehicles, factories, radioactive emissions, resulting in air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and visual pollution. Every factor adds up to bad physical and mental health.

All these factors in your day-to-day life disrupt the routine, making you stressed. To get out of this, you need to take measures and make your life easier.

A House Can Be a Stress Buster!

How do we reduce stress and lead a calm and peaceful life? Home is your happy place, and you are at your best here. Home is your warm and loving place, where with just the slightest changes it will turn into a stress-relieving place for you and your family. Come home to a comfortable and serene place and clear your mind to have a peaceful life at Kohinoor’s Viva City. The residential project in Dhanori helps you have a quality life at home.

Maintain Your Personal Space:


Find a place in your home that is your personal favorite, where you can sit and relax at peace. Choose your spot and spend your time doing your favourite thing. This will make you feel good and fill you with positive energy.

Personal spaces are necessary for mental relaxation, and they do not have to take up an entire room. For example, you might feel more at ease sitting on your couch in a specific room. Make sure you have your happy zone in your home and that you leave all negative energy behind when you enter it.


Cleanliness dusts all the negativity and welcomes positivity, which is why you should clean and declutter your home on a regular basis. Imagine coming home and seeing mess and dirt everywhere. It should be your preference to clean and keep things in their proper places before leaving for work. Also, a lot of home décor objects and cluttered furniture pieces are also a mess, and it is difficult to keep clean, so keep things minimalistic. That will help you clean fast and spend a more peaceful time.

Surround with Natural Elements:


A home full of natural elements like ample sunlight, a breezy atmosphere, and plants attracts positivity and keeps your house vibrant and happy. According to studies, the presence of flowers and plants in a room helps reduce stress and creates a calm environment. The pleasant aroma and the greenery would help to calm your nerves more effectively.

Paint Bright, Paint Right:

Choose your colours wisely. Darker shades can keep you angry and in distress, but lighter shades will reflect a lot of light in the home and keep you positive. Colorful walls also add cheer to the house, keeping your mood merry and loving towards your family.

Stay Away from Electronics:

Once you step into your home, leave all the worries out and focus on yourself and your health. Constant usage of electronics like mobiles, tablets, laptops, or even television and radio can make you lazy and tired. It is best to keep all those distractions away when you are home. It's your time to spend with your loved ones, do what you like to do, be available for some me time, and live in peace. This will enhance your attitude and help you have clearer thoughts and a clearer mind.

You can live, love, and laugh stress-free in your own home if you follow these steps. Make your home a junction of happiness, composure, and positivity to lead a wonderful life with your family. Energize yourself after a long, tiring day and get ready to welcome a new day with new enthusiasm.


Viva City by Kohinoor Group is surrounded by wonderful nature to keep you healthy and positive. The 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Dhanori welcome good vibes for you to have a cheerful life.

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