Advantages of Buying a Commercial Property in Pune and Precautions to Take While Buying It

Pune’s growth as a significant business hub has made it a promising commercial real estate playground. Investments are flowing in from all directions. So, buying a commercial property in Pune proves advantageous in many ways and a lucrative proposition in the long run. But while buying a commercial space in Pune, you must also take some precautions. Let’s look at both.

5 Advantages of Buying a Commercial Property in Pune

commercial project in pune 

Buying a commercial property can have several benefits. But let’s look at the five most visible ones in the short and long run.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Appreciation

    Pune’s commercial real estate has increased since the market gained momentum in the early 2000s. Of course, the pandemic has had its say, as it did in all other sectors. But overall, the growth has been prolific and promising for investors of various types and investment objectives.

    But of course, location matters. You cannot buy a commercial space in Pune anywhere and expect the level of appreciation the hotspots exhibit.

    Buying a commercial property, particularly in PCMC, Kharadi, Wakad, Rahatani, Hinjawadi, Baner, etc., is a more prudent and gratifying investment in the long run. It is due to the emergence of these areas as the city’s significant commercial pockets and the infrastructural progress in and around them.

  2. Rental and Lease Opportunities

    Pune is home to various businesses, including startups, SMEs, and global enterprises. Many new ones also aspire to start an office in Pune, considering its strategic location, connectivity with Maharashtra’s interiors, relatively low operational costs (compared to the traditional Mumbai choice), and growing business prospects.

    That points towards an important advantage, which is the availability of abundant rental and lease opportunities. Most business owners looking to establish a business in Pune considering renting or leasing properties instead of buying them. It helps them save a lot of operational costs that they can use for their business.

    Commercial investors can leverage this opportunity. They can market their property and rent it out or provide it on a lease, based on the feasibility. Thus, the investment can help them create a steady monthly income. Given Pune’s continued growth and business prospects, the decision can prove sustainable!

  3. Lucrative Business Prospects

    Now, it isn’t only commercial investors that benefit but also businesspersons who want to operate in the city. Pune is a competitive space. But its potential as a business hub is only growing by the day. And that’s evident from the numerous businesses registering their presence in the city.

    Businesses like retail, consulting, IT, banking, investment consulting, education, restaurants, etc., have abundant scope to grow in the city. Choosing a location with excellent connectivity and potential earning opportunities can benefit business owners in the long run. While renting a property has its advantages, buying too proves beneficial. The latter helps you create an asset in the long run!

  4. Sustainable Asset

    Yes. As mentioned above, buying a commercial space in Pune proves to be a sustainable asset. It demands a significant investment initially. But it is worth investing in a commercial property in Pune, especially considering the rate at which the city’s commercial property rates are increasing.

  5. Infrastructural Development Advantage

    Pune is one of the focus areas of infrastructural development on the national scale. From metro to industrial and commercial zone development, Pune has a confident future in real estate. These transformations can help increase the city’s connectivity and make it a more prominent business hub than ever.

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5 Precautions to Take While Purchasing a Commercial Space in Pune

Precautions for Buying a Commercial Property 

Investing in commercial real estate is advantageous, but only when you make the right choice. Accordingly, let’s look at a few precautions you must take while purchasing a commercial property in Pune.

  1. The Property’s Location

    First things first – choose a property located at a potentially promising location. It is easy to fall for cheap rates, heavy discounts, and jaw-dropping offers. But ensure the property you select is at a location after considering these factors,

    • Existing and future demand from the commercial angle
    • Current and future development
    • Connectivity with various parts of the city
    • Saturation rate of the location
    • Presence of proper access roads
    • Location’s suitability of the property for the business it is meant. (For instance, a showroom space bought in a remote location wouldn’t prove fruitful enough. Tenants are less likely to rent it).
  2. Property Rates

    Compare property rates of various locations and weigh them against the business potential they offer. It is worth spending something extra for a proven location brewing business opportunities or a potential one in the future.

    Additionally, consider factors like future development, connectivity, rental rates, etc., to determine the investment worth of a commercial property.

    While you would always have some scope for negotiation, the best properties may not allow you to negotiate as much. You may want to have a realtor by your side to handle this part for you. It may help you save something, which you may use for interiors, enhancements, etc., to increase the property’s value.

  3. ROI and Income Potential

    After all, what matters is the returns that your commercial investment would help you reap. Accordingly, you must discuss the return on investment, the time taken to realize the returns, average rental earnings, average appreciation rate, etc., with experts to help make an informed choice.

    Remember, all that glitters is not gold. So, make a prudent choice after evaluating every aspect through information from authentic and reliable sources.

  4. Clear Documentation

    To assess this aspect, you will need a lawyer. Hire one but ensure the property has a clear title and has all its papers in place. Your lawyer can help you examine all the documents, verify them and place his observations and recommendations.

    Of course, paying the lawyer’s fee will refer to another investment. But it is worth paying the fee, especially given the complexities involved in commercial real estate documentation. It can help prevent future hassles and legal implications.

  5. Builder’s Reputation and Property Amenities

    You are about to invest a significant amount in a property. Hence, it is imperative to check the builder’s reputation and credibility in the industry for construction quality, timely completion (if it is an under-construction project), fulfillment of commitments, etc.

    Additionally, assess the various amenities the project offers. This wasn’t necessarily a criterion to look for a couple of decades ago when only the space mattered and not the amenities. But these days, considering millennials dominate the business horizon, checking amenities is a must.

    While not limited to a particular set of amenities, your prospective project must offer amenities like high-speed elevators, ample outdoor space, a cafeteria, conference facilities, advanced security measures, fast and reliable Wi-Fi, etc.

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KWT is set in a strategic location that can help you leverage the business and investment potential of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. So, choose KWT and opt to invest prudently.

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