AAA Grade Commercial Properties in Pune - Making the Best Real Estate Investment

The growth of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad as prominent business centers has led to the development of several commercial complexes across both cities. But not every commercial complex you see around is the same. Commercial properties are classified A, B, and C. While B and C may compromise across various aspects, A is ranked high due to the global standard spaces.

However, lately, a few of India’s top real estate companies have stepped ahead and introduced AAA-grade commercial properties. These properties are slated to revolutionize India’s commercial real estate horizon with several exquisite features. But what is an AAA-grade commercial property? And, how is investing in such a property a prudent investment decision for investors and tenants? Let us answer both of these questions.

What is an AAA Grade Commercial Property?

AAA Grade 

An AAA-grade commercial property offers elite business spaces and ultra-modern amenities that meet global expectations.

Another significant advantage of an AAA-grade commercial property is its location. Often, such properties are located in the prime areas or business districts of a particular city. As a result, they are easily accessible. Besides, they are prominently visible and therefore signify a landmark. So, there’s a feeling of pride associated with an office in an AAA-grade commercial property.

In addition to the above, an AAA-grade commercial property offers several other amenities under one roof. It includes restaurants, shopping avenues, ATMs, coffee shops, multiplexes, etc. So, one can term them comprehensive business hubs with everything that global business owners may expect from an investment.

Why Invest in an AAA Grade Commercial Property Around Pune?

Investing in an AAA-grade commercial property offers many advantages to investors and business owners who wish to operate through such offices. Let’s highlight the most significant ones.

A) For Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial Real Estate Investors 

From higher rents to sustainable returns, here are three potential benefits of investing in commercial AAA Grade properties near Pune.

1. Above Average Rent

One of the most common reasons many investors invest in commercial AAA-grade properties is because of the rents they offer. The rent of such properties is way higher than the average commercial property rent in a particular area or the city. So, investing in such properties proves a better decision from the RoI viewpoint.

2. Higher Demand

With several global enterprises planning to enter the Indian business space, AAA Grade commercial properties are slated to remain in high demand in the future. Besides, such spaces are less likely to remain vacant for a long time. Promoting the space through the right partners can help you attract wealthy business owners, who look forward to leasing or renting such spaces for their business.

3. Sustainable Returns

AAA Grade commercial properties are elite spaces affordable only to a particular class of businesspeople. These include investment banks, global consultants, IT companies, etc.

Such organizations prefer making long-term investments, for instance, for five to ten years at a stretch to save rental costs and secure a prominent business location. So, investors are not only likely to recover investments earlier than expected but reap returns in the long run.

B) For Tenants / Business Owners

Tenants Business Owners 

As in the case of investors, tenants/ business owners too enjoy the advantages of renting, leasing or buying an AAA-grade commercial property around Pune. Let’s look at the three most crucial ones.

1. Office in a Prime Location

As mentioned earlier, AAA Grade properties are located in a prime location of a particular city. That always works to the advantage of business owners. A prominently located office, situated in the city's business center is easily accessible for its employees, prospects, and clients. It also translates to an enhanced reputation, as the location signifies the company’s financial muscle and credibility.

2. Secure Premises

AAA Grade spaces conform to the legal and structural requirements of the zone of the locality. It includes earthquake resistance, efficient fire management, safe elevators with generator backup, adequate ventilation, natural light, CCTV at all vantage points, alarms, human security, boom barriers, etc.

Together, these factors help provide a secure working environment and enhance the overall safety and security of the property.

3. Ultra-Modern Amenities

AAA Grade commercial properties offer diverse amenities under one roof. While some have already been mentioned, it is worth highlighting them again. The amenities include food courts, upscale restaurants, ATMs, kiosks, cafeterias, fitness centers, retail stores, etc. So, for instance, a corporate company can invite delegates for an onsite meeting and offer food at an upscale restaurant within the same premises!

But on the one hand, where the above amenities are significant to the success of a commercial complex, on the other, some take commercial spaces to the next level by developing high streets. Although a relatively new concept in India, high streets upgrade social lifestyle by bringing together various additional shopping and dining options on a single street.

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Where is the Best AAA Grade Commercial Property Near Pune?

KWT street view 

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), situated on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway between Pimpri and Chinchwad, is the next big thing across the commercial real estate space in Pune PCMC. It is a comprehensive business hub spread across nine acres and five towers of 12 floors each.

KWT offers multi-sized business spaces that include smart offices (2,000 square feet onwards) and large floor plate offices ranging from 25,000 square feet to 65,000 square feet! The project also features a High Street with offices starting from 1,000 square feet. Additionally, other essential amenities and conformance to the regulatory requirements of commercial real estate make KWT a secure and sustainable choice from the investment and business operations perspective.

India’s commercial real estate has started to blossom once again with various commercial and strategic advantages in store for early investors. So, invest in KWT - Pune and PCMC’s upcoming business landmark at the earliest and give your investment and business an early strategic edge over your competitors.

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