A Home with Kohinoor Gives the Feeling of Lifetime

House as a property is not that special, but the idea of having a home holds a unique place in our minds. It's the feeling called “home” that we have genuinely dreamt of since our childhood. Do you still remember building pillow houses and playing with your siblings, sipping tea, and eating snacks? Nostalgic right? It is since then that we start imagining having our own home, a dwelling that comforts us, a space that is pure, a space that you can call your own and is safe for you and your family.

We crave a secure, comfortable environment where we can leave our worries at the door and spend time with our loved ones. After a long day at work, we long to return home to a place designed specifically for our needs and desires.

Investing in a New Home Gives a Sense of Joy!


Home buyers today prefer newly built homes as real estate developers provide flexibility in space and all the facilities for a lifetime. Homeowners who move into their new dream home form a special bond with their living spaces and feel an additional sense of belonging as they go about their daily lives.

Taking control of all the decisions and selecting options that meet the needs of the household and facilitate comfortable living that make a house a home. Every detail and every decision made during the building process contributes to a homeowner's sense of belonging in their home. Real estate developers today involve buyers in the building of their homes. The floor plans and facilities are designed as per requirements that new buyers would love. At the very first stage, the builders open their plan of action and details to the home buyers so that they experience trust while their home is ready to live.

The joy of numerous details coming together exactly as you desired, as well as the joy of making your dream home a reality, does not end when your family moves in. Every time you use the special features in your home for your family, you reap the benefits of your decision to settle down and come home.

It's natural to feel a sense of belonging and joy when you're at home. Your home is much more than the materials used to construct it. Your home is where your children develop, your relationships flourish, and your life takes place.

Living in a house makes you happy, secure, and safe. By purchasing a new home, you can provide shelter for yourself and your family while also taking control of your emotional well-being.


2 BHK - perfect size homes 

Is your shelter...

Is your sense of happiness...

Is your achievement...

Is your go-to place...

Is your corner in this big world...

Is where your family is...

Kohinoor Courtyard One is building homes for you that will awestruck you with the beauty that is enveloped in green. 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats in Wakad are surrounded by amenities for you to be spellbound. High-rise living in Wakad for you to experience scenic beauty along with city life just beside you. Choose your best spot on the top and have a blissful life at Kohinoor.


The project gives you a multifaceted life where you can have Pune’s best city life, scenic beauty, IT hubs near you, hospitals, colleges, schools, malls, and every facility you need just by your side. Make the most of your choice and choose a home that is closer to every resource. Premium project by Kohinoor Group will uplift your life to the next level.

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