7 Reasons Why Kohinoor Westview Reserve in New Wakad Will Offer You a Wholesome Life

If you are looking for properties near Wakad or Flats in Wakad Annexe, Kohinoor Group has a pleasant surprise for you in store. Presenting Kohinoor Westview Reserve, a stunning development of premium 2 & 3 BHK Naturements in New Wakad. If you are wondering why we are calling it New Wakad, it is because this location is now nothing like the Wakad you have seen before. This one is enveloped in scenic greens, and adorned with lifestyle features it truly deserves. If you are looking for premium homes in Pune, these flats in Wakad Annexe emerge as clear winners. In this blog, we will explore 7 amazing reasons that make Kohinoor Westview Reserve an irresistible development for the homebuyers looking for flats in Wakad Annexe. 

The 7 Irresistible Reasons to Own a Home Here

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1. Flats in Wakad Annexe Trusted by 600+ Families

More than 600 families looking for properties near Wakad have called Kohinoor Westview Reserve their home, and rightly so. These premium homes in Pune have set a new benchmark for the flats in Wakad Annexe with their picturesque setting, nature-centric amenities and world-class features. If you don’t wisht to take our word for it,  hear it from the horse’s mouth - the happy customers of Kohinoor Westview Reserve who have been highly impressed with the offerings of these premium homes in Pune.

Look What our Happy Customer Says about The Project:

2. Meticulously Planned Flats in Wakad Annexe

The first thing that immediately makes a mark on you when you visit Kohinoor Westview Reserve is its well-planned layout and homes. These premium homes in Pune are opulently designed and are offered in the range of an impressive 798 sq. ft. - 1076 sq. ft.

3. Flats in Wakad Annexe With 22+ Amenities

What sets these premium homes in Pune apart is the world-class lifestyle they offer. These flats in Wakad Annexe come with 22+ amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, sunken adventure park and more, categorised into 4 arenas to suit your every need and pamper your every desire. These 4 arenas are - Fitness and sports arenas, fun and kids’ play arenas, nature arenas and other arenas with amenities for the perfect celebrations. 

If you are looking for properties near Wakad that offer you a global lifestyle and an unmatched leisure experience, don’t look beyond Kohinoor Westview Reserve.

4. Flats in Wakad Annexe With Nature-Centric Features


Living amidst nature is a privilege a very few can enjoy nowadays. It’s no wonder then that the nature-centric amenities at Kohinoor Westview Reserve have garnered so much admiration, and homebuyers looking for properties near Wakad, have proudly called these premium homes in Pune their home. A few of the nature-centric amenities here are - 

Boardwalk I Hammock Garden I Butterfly Garden I Meditation Garden

5. Kohinoor Westview Reserve – A Strategically Situated Masterpiece

New Wakad is a location that offers you the best of all worlds. Situated in proximity to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway, New Wakad not only offers you the bliss of quick connectivity, it also places you close to renowned educational institutes, reputed healthcare facilities, malls and multiplexes, and offers you a convenient lifestyle as well. The fact that popular tourist destinations such as Lonavala and Khandala are at a distance of just 45 Km (approx.), make properties near Wakad even more lucrative. If you are looking for flats in Wakad Annexe that offer you quick access to prime destinations in and around Pune, we believe you have made the right choice. 

6. Flats in Wakad Annexe in Proximity to Hinjewadi IT Hub

Homebuyers looking for properties near Wakad are mostly IT professionals who wish to cut on commute and spend more time with their family. Kohinoor Westview Reserve does just that by being in proximity to Hinjewadi IT hub, situated just 15 min away from the major IT firms and MNCs. What further works to your advantage is the price difference the flats in Wakad Annexe bring to you as compared to the highly priced properties in Hinjewadi.

7. Crafted by the Renowned Kohinoor Group

The first and foremost factor to consider while looking for premium homes in Pune, or in any city for that matter is the builder you are investing in. Kohinoor Group takes pride in its rich legacy of 39 years, its philosophy of Sada Sukhi Raho, and its proven track record of timely delivery, quality landmarks and transparent dealings. Here are a few major highlights of Kohinoor Group - 

39+ Projects Across Pune I 39 Years Of Matchless Legacy I  8 Million
Square Feet Delivered  I 8K Happy Families

Westview Reserve (1)

Considering all the above advantages Kohinoor Westview Reserve offers you, these premium homes in Pune should be your first choice if you are looking for flats in Wakad Annexe. To know more about these unique Naturements with premium 2 & 3 BHK homes, and enjoy a Sada Sukhi life.

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