How to Find the Best Commercial Space for Your Corporate Office in Pune

5 Ways to Find Commercial Space for a Corporate Office in Pune

Commercial real estate has genuinely snowballed in Pune in the past two decades. Abundant space availability, relatively less expensive real estate cost, and a strategic location have made this otherwise quaint city a bustling metropolitan. Per reports, the city’s net absorption rate has climbed to over 300 percent YoY, signifying an enhanced office occupancy.

If you, too, plan to leverage the city’s promise and are looking for a corporate commercial space in Pune, you’ve come to the right place. As you know, finalizing simply any space wouldn’t work. Reliability and credibility are two factors that matter significantly. Thus, we will help you with various effective ways to find a corporate commercial space in Pune.

5 Ways to Find a Corporate Commercial Space in Pune


Across the city’s vast and ever-expanding commercial real estate horizon, the available choices could overwhelm you. But you must focus on your business needs and investment objectives to find a resonating space. Thus, finding commercial spaces in Pune via these five ways can help.

1. Online Search

The most obvious and convenient way is to search for commercial properties in Pune online. Google search results can help you with various options available across the length and breadth of Pune. But this plethora of choices can confuse you. Hence, doing a hyperlocal search that involves a particular locality can help.

For instance, you may search for commercial spaces in PCMC, commercial properties in Viman Nagar, etc. A hyperlocal search can help you find relevant results and properties pertaining to the place. Thus, you can funnel your choices and potentially get a step closer to the property closely aligned with your needs.

2. Random Direct Site Visit

While searching for the best commercial spaces in Pune, venture beyond Google and do random direct site visits. Of course, you will have to travel across the city’s hotspots to find the right property. But considering the criticality of commercial space investments, stepping out in the sun and making random site visits helps.

It will give you an idea of what to look for. You never know, a particular property might win your heart, and you may finalize it if everything goes well!

3. References

Gathering references is one of the best and most trustworthy ways to find commercial properties in Pune. References come with someone’s experience and a word of credibility attached to it. Thus, if the reference comes from a trustworthy individual, you wouldn’t have to investigate as much about the developer’s reputation and reliability.

Choices made through references can help you accelerate decision-making without pondering much about the developer’s standing and the project’s dependability. As you are about to make a significant investment, the stronger the reference, the more relieved you are!

4. Search by Developers

Another effective way of looking for the best corporate commercial space in Pune is searching it by a particular developer’s name. A bit of pre-research can help, as it will help you get a list of the top commercial real estate developers in Pune. You can then look for ongoing projects of every developer and filter some projects based on their locations.

However, while going by online listings, you must also check out the online and offline reviews of every developer you shortlist. Real-time reviews can help you keep further hassles at bay and make an informed choice worth your investment.

5. Commercial Real Estate Realtors

If you don’t have the time to research and have the financial muscle to pay realtor fees, you may choose to work with a commercial real estate realtor in Pune.

Working with realtors helps. They help you find the best commercial properties in Pune and negotiate the price (if required). In addition, they guide you in choosing the right location, facilitate documentation and administrative procedures and help you strike the right deal.

Also, you can go through online listings like Housing, Magic Bricks, 99 Acres, etc. These sites provide comprehensive information, along with the owner’s or the realtor’s contact number, to help you connect with the right people and proceed with a site visit and decision-making.

Kohinoor World Towers – Best Commercial Spaces in PCMC Near Pune

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune 

Located in the heart of PCMC, Pune’s twin city and a thriving industrial and IT hub, Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) is an upcoming business hub. KWT offers seamless connectivity, a strategic location, and multi-sized commercial spaces to suit the needs of various businesses. It is an innovative commercial destination that resonates with the requirements of modern entrepreneurs and has immense potential for business development and prosperity.

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