13 Easy And Affordable DIY Home Projects To Spice Up Your Home Decor

Home decoration is not a child’s game. It is a tedious task that can be time-consuming, along with being extremely expensive. Those who moved into a new home on an extremely tight budget find it incredibly hard to add aesthetic decor. 

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So if you are someone who is under a budget and doesn’t have the means to buy new things from Amazon or Home Centre every week, then what should you do?

Well, do not worry because we have compiled a list of 13 extraordinarily affordable and doable- Do It Yourself (DIY) decor options. You can use these creative DIY home decor ideas to add some pizzazz to your living space. Let us take a look:

1. Create Your Own Coffee / Tea Display Station


Tea Display Station


If you are a coffee or a tea enthusiast, then why store your pretty mugs and coffee/ tea tins in the back of a cabinet? Just get a wooden shelf installed on an empty wall with hooks attached to the front. Hang your mugs off the hooks and store your equipment and raw material on the shelf; This will fill up your wall, save space, and look pretty.

2. Miniature Flower Pond (Urli Bowl)


Miniature Flower Pond


Next is a cheap and easy DIY home decor idea. If you have a barren tabletop or coffee table on which you want a showpiece, then this is for you. Just buy an empty decorative clay, metal, or glass bowl, fill it with water, and put some fresh flowers in it to float. Easy!

3. Origami Ceiling Decor


Origami Ceiling Decor



If you want decor that instantly looks unique, try ceiling hangings. Just make your favourite origami animals like a swan or a bird, punch a hole at the top of the origami creation, and pass a thread through it. Then you can hang this from hooks on a wall or tape it to the ceiling! One of the best DIY home decor projects.

4. A DIY Cloud Lamp


DIY Cloud Lamp



It is one of the easiest DIY crafts for home decor. You can make your dreamy lamp that looks like a cloud, with just some cotton, a jute lantern, glue, and a ceiling bulb. It is simple and doesn’t take up too much time. Here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEmCo3xYDgw 

5. Fluid Art


Fluid Art


Want some art pieces in your room but don’t have the artistic skills? Fluid art is when you pour paint using the right consistency on a canvas, and it creates these lovely abstract shapes that you can frame as an artistic painting. 


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6. Family Photo Collage


Family Photo Collage


If you are someone who likes having photos of the family around, then why not decorate a whole wall with photos? Just get a cork notice board from Ikea or Amazon, get your favourite photos printed from a local photo shop, and pin the photos to the board. You can attach the board to any part of the house that you like.

7. Peelable Wallpaper

Peelable Wallpaper


If you are someone who wants to have an accented wall but doesn’t want to paint it permanently and wants to do it on a budget, then peelable wallpaper is for you! You get various inexpensive prints and textures on websites like Amazon. Just measure the size of the wall and order the rolls accordingly. Once you need to remove it, they peel right off without damaging the original wall.

8. A Geometric Mirror


Geometric Mirror



If you need to decorate a wall, big or small, attaching a simple, frameless mirror is an easy way out! You can order simple mirrors in geometric shapes like hexagon from online websites or get one made from a local glass and mirror fabricator. They are affordable and cost approximately just 2k to 4k rupees depending on the size. 

9. Dreamcatchers





Making your own dreamcatcher is a great craft project! The raw materials are cheap and can be found at any stationery store. You just need yarn, feathers, and a ring.

10. Jute Vase


Jute Vase


Convert any old glass or plastic bottle into a brand new vase. Just apply some liquid glue to the bottle and wrap a jute coil tightly around it. You can then fill it with water and put some fresh flowers in there.

11. Pom-Pom Streamers


Pom-Pom Streamers


If you are someone who likes a funny and bubbly vibe to the room then making streamers out of pom-poms is so easy and looks very cute. All you need is some colourful yarn and a string.

12. Macrame Plant Hanger


Macrame Plant Hanger



If you have hanging plants, why keep them in simple pots? Make a DIY macrame plant hanger that will give your room the perfect bohemian vibes that it needs. All you need is a macrame rope. 

13. Print A Nature Stock Photo


Nature Stock Photo



It is one of the more straightforward DIY home decor projects. If you are someone who can’t afford the work of an original photo artist, you can still have photographs of nature around your house. Just search for free nature stock photos on Google or Creative Commons, and you can find plenty of options. You can get these photos printed and framed from a local photoshop and hang it on your walls.

And that’s it. 

We hope the DIY tips for home decor helped you. These are some fun that you can do on a budget with minimal raw material that is readily available in any department or craft store. These crafts also make for a fun weekend activity with your friends, family, or roommates. Make sure to have some patience and get as creative as you can.

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