11 Interior Hacks For A Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are becoming increasingly popular among millennials because of their affordability quotient. Small size and congestion, are not worrying factors anymore among these new home buyers because of the comfort, reach and affordability. 

Where regular 2 & 3 BHKs are touching sky-high rates.
A studio apartment is an apparent silver lining in the same sky. So what is a studio apartment by definition? 

We looked into varies dictionaries, and the best answer is found in Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia- "A studio apartment, also known as a studio flat, is a small apartment in which the normal functions of many rooms (living room, bedroom, and kitchen) are combined into a single room." 

Though the definition remains the same around the world, in India we have a different meaning or should we say our own sense of things. So what is a studio apartment in India? 'One RK' or 'One Room Kitchen Set' are the common terms often referred to studio apartments in India. (Obviously, the bathroom is non-negotiable) 

But you are not reading this blog to find the definition of a studio apartment, right! So let's not waste time anymore and get into 11 fantastic interior hacks to answer
how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget.

Let's get started: 

1. Try Hanging Curtains As Room Dividers

Privacy can be hard to come by in a studio apartment. That's why using curtains as room dividers essential. It's quite budget-friendly, and it's a simple way to create some private space for yourself.

2. Explore Vertical Gardening


Vertical Garden Wall


Greenery, inside the house, helps bring better thoughts and rests mind at peace. But when there is no balcony, you can try vertical gardening. A wall-mounted vertical garden is an easy way to add some plant life to a studio apartment without losing floor space. Set up a wall-mounted shelf, use old bottles and cans to make pots, colour them and buy ready plants from Amazon or nearby plant store.

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3. Get Creative With Pegboards

Pegboards are wall-mounted boards with holes in them. They are handy to mount anything or to decorate walls with painting and photographs. Plus, you can easily switch items on the board as there is no fixed attachment. They are spatially economical in addition to being low cost. So do try them out.

4. Harness The Power Of Adaptive Furniture


Furnished Studio Apartment


Don't be afraid to try unique furnishing approaches into your studio apartment. There are several options on Pepperfry and Amazon that fold up flat against the wall when not in use, and instantly unfolds when necessary. From small stools to large beds, you can find everything foldable, these days.

5. Expand Space With Mirrors

It is a tried and tested method to increase the illusion of a bigger space. Mirrors expand the visual space of your home in a magical way, allowing you to look past walls and helping to make your home feel more open and airy. Explore round, rectangle and other shapes to give a creative touch to your walls. Plenty of options are available on Amazon and Pepperfry.

6. Try Platform Beds or Bunk Beds


Platform Bed


This particular tip is not budget-friendly, but it certainly is a game-changer. Setting an office or couch below your bed opens up a huge space in your small apartment. Folding beds are also an option, but if you want to use the height of the apartment in the best possible way, then go with the platform and bunk beds.

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7. Grab A Multipurpose Table

A small apartment comes with just enough space to fit one table. So your reading, chopping, work and dinners will have to be parked on one platform. Plus, you can complement your multipurpose table with an all-purpose chair and your spine will definitely thank you in your old age.

8. Don't Forget Bathroom

A tiny apartment brings a tiny bathroom. So all your toiletries, cleaning kit, shaving material, creams, make-up, medicines and bathing items will have to settle vertically on walls. Purchase shower storage, a mirror with storage and multistorey wall mounted corner racks to snug everything comfortably and hygienically.

9. Turn Your Walls Into A Gallery


Gallery Wall-1


Change your walls by shopping for affordable art online and decorate empty walls. Use your best group selfies, memorable event photos and old friends' photographs to create a memory lane. Pro tip - Purchase minimalistic frames to decorate your apartment with elegance.

10. Look At The Bigger Picture

There will come a day when you will shift to a bigger home. At that time, tiny storage items won't suit your new home, so either invest in a big wardrobe (if you have space) or just rent one. Renting furniture is an excellent choice if you move quite frequently.

11. Join The Trunk Club

Last but not the least- Use or buy XL size trunks to fit all your luggage and when not in use can serve as chair. There are some multipurpose trunks available on Amazon. Choose the one which best suits your walls and other furniture.

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At The Bottom

Living in a studio apartment is challenging, but it becomes supremely satisfying when you design and decorate everything by yourself. And you can't forget the perks of less cleaning, less electricity bill, minimalistic life and most importantly less rent.

Decoration and space optimisation on a small budget might be a challenge for some, but the above tips will make you feel unique and proud or your tiny cushy apartment—so good luck with your experiments.

On another note, if you are looking for a studio apartment and asking yourself- are studio apartments worth it? Then we would say that on a shoestring budget, nothing beats studio apartments. But if you are thinking of keeping your whole family together under one roof, then you might want to think otherwise.

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